Women Working Together for Fair Farms

NAIROBI, Kenya – Jamilla Abass, Susan Oguya and Linda Kwamnoka saw a problem in their country. Middlemen were undercharging farmers for their goods, payments were delayed. In a country with over 75% of its workforce in the agricultural industry, it was no small issue.

These three women, working together, found a solution to that problem: M-Farm.

About 7,000 farmers currently use the service, for which M-Farm receives a small payment from the cell phone providers as well as from the service fee, which is normally around 10-15%. M-Farm acts as its own middleman, linking smallholder farmers with reliable buyers and eliminating other intermediaries, offering a better cut to farmers.

The creators say users are given a sense of empowerment, knowing that they have more control of their business and can financially support themselves and their families.

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