The Big Uneasy,' The PF Interview with Harry Shearer

Update (11/1/2012): In response to questions surrounding Hurricane Sandy, we are featuring "'The Big Uneasy,' The PF Interview with Harry Shearer." We hope this idea will provide insight into dramatic weather events and the measures that communities must take to adapt to their risks, such as water contamination, flooding, and sea-level rise.

In this week's WEBISODE Planet Forward host Frank Sesno sits down with Harry Shearer, the multi-talented comedian who is the voice of more than 21 Simpsons characters and host of his own radio show, le Show. Shearer, a part-time resident of New Orleans, recently directed a documentary on what he calls the 'hard truths' behind Hurricane Katrina. The Big Uneasy takes a look at the real reasons why New Orleans flooded (hint: think man-made screw-ups, not natural disaster) and how marshland's can be nature's buffer against storms.

More on marshlands: Dr. Nathaniel Weston talks about how sea level rise affects marshes, which are our protector against Katrina-like storms.

More on flood prevention: See what Bangkok is doing to prevent potentially disastrous floods in their city, in last week's webisode. If you need housing in an emergency, check out this innovative habitat.

From our News Desk: What do others have to say about the way congress handled Hurricane Katrina? How else could New Orleans be at risk?

Learn: More about Hurricane Katrina, or Harry Shearer or the movie.

Still not enough Harry Shearer? Check out the behind the scenes of our shoot.

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