LEEDing after Disaster: AIA Architect on Why You Should

Can your community turn tragedy into opportunity? Bill Worthen, American Institute of Architects' National Director and Resource Architect for Sustainability, sits down with us via skype to talk about LEED certification and how disaster can provide opportunity to build back better.

INSPIRATION: We were inspired by Planet Forward member Max Chen's video on his trip to Greensburg, Kansas as he talked to the community that's determined to rebuild sustainably after 95 percent of the town was destroyed in a 2007 EF5 tornado

ALSO: Why wait for tragedy? The U.S. General Services administration shares their story about reaching LEED certification in Ogden, Utah and spurring an economic boomlet.

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AND: Want to see how your smart community measures up on reducing green house gas? ICLEI has an app for that! Test out their new standard.

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