Is Sandy The New Normal?

When disaster strikes, people look for explanations - why did this happen? How can we prevent it from happening again? Hurricane Sandy is no exception. In the aftermath of the storm news outlets have been examining these big questions, concluding that Sandy was directly related to climate change and that we should indeed be worried about the future implications. Bloomberg Businessweek's latest cover goes even further, declaring "It's Global Warming, Stupid," a phrase that's already trending on social media. One question that keeps appearing throughout news stories and social media alike is particularly worth reflecting on: were we warned, and did we ignore these warnings? The New York Times says that, at least in the case of New York City, the answer is an absolute yes - we were warned, for nearly a decade. So how can we heed the warnings now, and prevent another disaster? Planet Forward has a few ideas, starting with today's new webisode. #THINKFWD team members Ethan Oser and Shivan Sarna take a look at the rising number of disasters, the costs associated with them and how we can change the way we think to prevent further damage. Digging in to the Planet Forward archives we can look at how places like Thailand cope with floods, and how people in San Francisco and Vietnam are working to deal with rising sea levels. There's also the ways people are innovating new solutions, like the architects who designed a floating house. Finally, take a look back at our host Frank Sesno's interview with renowned filmmaker Harry Shearer on the documentary "The Big Uneasy," which he put together in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. With disasters on the rise and a mess on the East Coast to clean up, it's time for solutions. Submit your ideas on how to move the planet forward, and how to deal with the very real, very human impacts of climate change.

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