Hertz's EVs Charge Up Car Sharing

Who knew lessons from preschool could apply to smart communities and our energy solution?! Check out this new initiative in Washington DC that takes the concept of sharing to a whole new level. Would you ditch your ride for one of these shared EVs?

PLUS: Watch out for these Rebels! See how Ole Miss is doing on its bike share program

AND: You may be better at sharing than you thought. A video from the International District Energy Association shows you how district heating and cooling is more abundant than you might think

MORE ON EVs: A road that gives back as much as it takes. This idea explains how magnets and coils in roads can be used to charge EVs

FROM NBR: Watch Planet Forward host Frank Sesno test drive the Nissan Leaf and weigh in on the cost of making the switch to electric

FROM OUR GEC BLOG: Martin Chavez of ICLEI-Local Governments for Sustainability addresses the President and gives examples of other local transportation solutions

IN THE NEWS: GE knows how to share the wealth. Learn about a hybrid power plant that shows how wind, solar and natural gas can work together and even possibly get along

Tune in next week as we take a look at what can be learned from nap time!

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