Energy Secretary Bill Nye?

This week, we are all about students, education, energy and the environment!

First up, our WEBISODE: Planet Forward met up with Bill Nye at the Toshiba/NSTA ExploraVision Awards last week. See what the first item on his #EnergyToDo list is. Tell us yours on twitter. (@Planet_Forward, #EnergyToDo) Need some time to think about it? Then check out our other interview with The Science Guy when he answers questions from our Facebook fans.

MORE ON CHU: The Energy Secretary test drove some student-built energy efficient cars and Planet Forward got the story.

IN THE NEWS: Curious about this molten salt power tower Bill Nye mentioned in this week's webisode? Here are some deets.

AND: GW students also explored energy efficient ways to use salt. Check out their idea.

MORE FROM OUR PFFs: Are you as smart as a 6th grader? Check out some of the ideas these kids have on protecting the watershed of the Anacostia River.

PLUS: These 2nd and 3rd graders came up with an award-winning solar idea. You know what they say, good ideas come in small packages!

Class dismissed for now! See ya next week!

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