Energy Pimp Your SUV - Make it More Cost-Effective than a Prius

In this week's webisode, we take a look at a video submitted to us by Sewanee’s Eco-Auto Club. The students set out to take a 1998 Ford Explorer with 231,000 miles and transform it into a more energy efficient "Eco Explorer" vehicle. They found that by making small upgrades like designing the car to be more aerodynamic and giving it new tires, they were able to take a car that many people would have gotten rid of and give it a newer, greener life. We blogged about whether or not this was a better investment than buying a used Toyota Prius or a Honda Civic. To learn more, check out the Sewanee Eco-Auto Club's blog.

Looking for something smaller? A student team from the University of Tennessee built BugE, an electric vehicle that is perfect for driving a short distance to work and can recharge for only $.25.

: Planet Forward went to the EcoCar Challenge in Washington, D.C. Student teams from across the country built low emission, high performance vehicles, then drove them to DC to show them off for Secretary of Energy Steven Chu and GM Executives.

FROM OUR NEWS DESK: Ford entices EV customers to adapt solar and "Drive Green for Life"

LEARN: Listen to Shai Agassi's TED talk on his plan to build drive-up electric vehicle battery replacement stations that work like gas stations, Hertz's electric vehicle sharing plan, or Pike Research's prediction that there will be 5.2 million EVs on the road by 2017.

FROM NBR: Want more EVs? Planet Forward's Host Frank Sesno took the Nissan Leaf for a test drive and calculated how far you could drive an ICE on the cost difference. Check our math!

FROM THE PBS SPECIAL: Ever wonder why an electric vehicle can speed up so quickly from rest? We take a look under the hood to show you.

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