Empowerhouse: Community-Based Sustainable Living

THIS WEEK: In this week's webisode:  how to turn a Solar Decathlon house into a home.  GW students Melissa Turley and Jon Fenech followed Team Empowerhouse through the Solar Decathlon.  Their innovation?  Making it affordable enough to be a Habitat for Humanity home.

PLUS:  Max Burns' blog post which takes a deeper look into affordable green housing.

ANNOUNCEMENT: Congratulations to Team Middlebury for winning Planet Forward's Solar Decathlon Contest!  You voted 'em so tune into the NBR piece on Oct. 20th, which will feature Middlebury and the team's major innovations.

FROM OUR BLOG: Check out this week's blog post by Anthony Cefali about how some living plants in your home can improve air quality. Brown thumbs need not apply...

FROM OUR NEWSDESK: Thank you to PFF Sarah Cahlan for submitting this piece about Participant Media's upcoming documentary. Check it out to learn more about water conservation and how it's plaguing our planet.

BEFORE WE LET YOU GO: We know that sometimes the search for affordable housing can make people feel stuck, so we're trying to shed some humor on the situation!

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