Cities: The Answer to the Sustainability Question?

"Green" often brings to mind wide open spaces, the suburbs and exurban areas with big lawns, well-cared-for trees and flower beds everywhere. Research shows, though, that the opposite of that notion is actually true - the true "green," sustainable living, is actually found in the density of cities. Despite overwhelming evidence that cities are the way forward, though, there is still a perception problem, as well as a cultural one. Americans love big houses and their cars - how can we move them to more compact, efficient living solutions? Lisa Benton-Short, Associate Professor of Geography and Director of Sustainability Programs at George Washington University, is an expert on urban sustainability and has just released the new edition of her book on the topic, Cities and Nature. Today she sits down with Planet Forward's Mike DeVito to discuss how cities and the communities we can build in them could be the ultimate solution to the question of how to live sustainably as the population expands, and how we can shift the perceptions of cities towards a greener future.  

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