Bringing Experts to the Innovators

Innovators need feedback to make their great ideas even better. So, we try to connect experts with our PF innovators every chance we get. In our WEBISODE this week, a top architect gives feedback to 3 ideas -- green urban rooftops, hemp-based building materials and large-scale passive solar. Bill Worthen, the National Director and Resource Architect for Sustainability at the American Institute of Architects, sat down with Frank Sesno to talk about the pro’s and con’s of each idea.

Bill provides feedback for three PF members: Damon van der Linde, Hemp technologies, and Jean-Loup Msika.

What makes their ideas innovative? What challenges may they face? Bill is here to give them his take.

MORE ABOUT BILL WORTHEN: To learn more about Bill and this ideas on green building check out his recent article on sustainable architecture. What has Bill told us before about LEED certified building? Check out our previous interview with him.

IN THE NEWS: The U.S. Department Energy committed to a $1.4 billion partial loan guarantee to rooftop solar panel project.

And look inside South Africa's first hemp house.

AND: Think you have a smart idea about green building, submit us your idea and you could have the experts weigh in just like these three PF members.

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