Bangkok Underground

Update (11/1/2012): In response to questions surrounding Hurricane Sandy, we are featuring “Bangkok Underground.” We hope this idea will provide insight into dramatic weather events and the measures that communities must take to adapt to their risks, such as water contamination, flooding, and sea-level rise.

In this week’s WEBISODE we travel to Bangkok to see what they are doing to cope with floods. PF Producer Victoria Riess talks with Porntep Techapaibul, the Deputy Governor of Bangkok.

In the News: Bangkok has a history of floods. See what happened in Bangkok last October. In fact, the city faced flood threats just a few days ago. Bangkok’s governor shares his confidence in their new flood system.

More on Water: How are energy and water related? Save water, save energy. Thanks, Joel Goldberg for uploading this to the news desk.

Flood Prevention: For more tips on what to do in the event of a flood in your “hood”.

What do you think of Bangkok’s flood prevention system? What is your city doing to adapt to climate change? Submit YOUR ideas.

Next Week: We talk with Harry Shearer, creator of the new documentary The Big Uneasy, which investigates some of the causes of Hurricane Katrina. He will tell us how wetland preservation is the best way to minimize flooding from a storm.

Before we let you go: check out BEHIND THE SCENES of our shoot with Harry Shearer.

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