An Innovative Approach to Water Conservation

THIS WEEK: Our rapidly increasing consumption of water is creating concerns about what the world would be like without any! One team, however, created an innovative solution to the planet's quickly disappearing water. Check it out in this week's webisode!

ASK AN EXPERT: Also get the facts from AIA expert Bill Worthen about any risks related to recycled water and its systems.

FROM OUR BLOG: Ever wanted to walk on water? How about live on it? Check out PFF Sarah Cahlan's blog postabout what these Thai houses are doing to stay afloat.

TOP TWEET: Thanks to PFF Jordan Petitt for keeping us informed about issues with water:  @justpetittWell this is frightening- the next 500 years of #sealevelrise@planet_forward #thinkfwd

Before we let you go: At least we know these guys wouldn't be unhappy in a world without water! See how they make the best of a waterless pool!

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