Water is Life (Tó éí iiná): Groundwork to solving water inequity on the Navajo Nation

In this mini-documentary, Planet Forward Comcast Sustainable Storytelling Fellow McKenzie Allen-Charmley approaches the ongoing water crisis on the Navajo Nation, where more than 30% of Navajo families lack access to running water. 

Allen-Charmley highlights the groundwork being done by individuals and organizations like DigDeep, a community-led initiative that strives to find solutions to providing water to the thousands who are without it everyday on the Navajo Nation. Allen-Charmley connects with the Navajo Water Project as well as a student change maker to learn just how much Tó éí iiná, or Water Is Life. Not only does this mini-documentary display the effects of climate change in rural parts of America, it also spotlights how lack of accessible water within Indigenous communities can be especially detrimental during a pandemic.

Special thanks to the Navajo Nation, DigDeep and the Planet Forward Team for making the production of this video possible


Correction: The lower third graphic which reads "Jaden Redshirt" should instead read "Jaden Redhair."

Editor's note: This short film was produced as part of the Planet Forward-Comcast NBCUniversal Sustainable Storytelling Fellowship

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