Urban Wheels of the Future: Why Fight Over Parking?

Urban Wheels of the Future: Why Fight Over Parking? - See mo

This week we hit the road, along with the 250 million other cars on America's roads.  We all know how bad traffic can be, and parking is often much worse.  In order to accommodate all of the cars, experts say we'd need a parking lot the size of Connecticut! Fear not, this new innovation from MIT has the potential to solve our parking woes!  Developers have created City Car, an electric car designed to meet the needs of people in cities.  The car would be part of a sharing program, similar to bikeshare programs popping up across the country. The car has a maximum speed of 30 mph, but can go the equivalent of 200 mpg.  It can also help alleviate congestion in parking lots, as it folds into 0ne-third of the size of an average car! Developers removed the drive frame and car frame, and what you would find in a normal car's hood is divided up between the four, self-contained wheels. The creators say the car's design make parallel parking a snap--the car can rotate in all directions! Trials of the City Car are beginning in Hong Kong and other European cities and the starting price is $16,000. What do you think?  If you have an idea about how to make navigating a city easier, let us know!  Submit your idea today!  

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