Robobees To The Rescue?

It's summer, and that means the bees are back - if you're lucky. Though we may panic a bit and start swatting when we hear the buzzing of a bee, fearful of getting stung, bees are actually very important to humans. They're the most important pollinators out there, making them a key link in our agricultural chain - and they're under siege. Bees worldwide have been struck by colony collapse disorder, with mass die-offs reducing overall bee populations at an alarming rate. And no bees means less variety in almost all areas of your grocery store, especially produce. Scientists at Harvard saw bee populations declining, and it inspired them to start work on a potential replacement - a robot bee they call the Robobee. It's a tiny little robot that could eventually serve the same function as a bee, taking over as a key pollinator along with many other potential uses. And along the way, they may just revolutionize robotics.  

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