Rejuvenating batteries to cut down on waste

Own a smartphone? A laptop? Anything electronic made in the last few years? Chances are you're also the proud owner of a lithium ion battery - a cornerstone of modern power technology and also one of the more difficult things in the world to recycle.

Right now, many of these batteries (and the hazardous chemicals in them) wind up in landfills, causing environmental problems as well as wasting valuable and rare components that we could potentially reuse. Recycling, when it does happen, is expensive and difficult. Or it used to be.

Take a look at a new process from OnTo technologies that could potentially rejuvenate and reuse the batteries we rely on every day, cutting both the cost of recycling and one of the biggest components of electronics waste. And then think - what did you do with your last cell phone or laptop battery? Did you get it recycled? Did you have the option?

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