Go Green by Ditching the Driver

Sit back, relax and enjoy the ride in Navia—a driverless electronic shuttle. The CEO and founder of Paris-based technology company Induct, Pierre Lefèvre, is bringing robotics to a whole new level with a vehicle that uses GPS and laser technology to calculate roots and virtually drive itself (and its passengers) from point A to point B.

Despite being a former racecar driver, Lefèvre’s vision behind the Navia is the problem of pollution, not speed. His main targets are cities such as Shanghi, Beijing and Singapore. By taking fuel out of the driving equation and replacing it with green infrastructure, the innovators at Induct hope to help reduce surface level ozone and smog.

The car is currently installed in a few testing locations such as a University in Switzerland and a hospital in France. It is also available for residents in Lyon and Luxembourg.

The Navia is also making its way to Singapore, where it is expected to be able to safely interact with traffic in the bustling city. 


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