Getting Paid on the Spot to Recycle Your Own Phone

Another year, another new cell phone that we have to have!  But what do you do with your old cellular device?

Every year 150 million cell phones are retired.  Some go to charity and some are sold online, but only 3-10% of used cell phones are properly recycled.

EcoATM is a new technology, started by a San Diego company, that has the potential to keep old cell phones out of landfills, where dangerous toxins can leak into the Earth.  And here's the kicker --  you can get cash for your old phone!

EcoATM, which was inspired by Coinstar machines often found at grocery stores, is an innovative technology that has amazing artificial intelligence.  To recycle your old phone, you go to the EcoATM, where the machine can figure out exactly what type of phone you have.  It identifies the proper connector cord and then does an internal scan of your phone to evaluate the quality of the device.  Based on what it finds, it offers you a price for your phone and you can get your cash on the spot.

Some of the phones will be melted down and reused for other products, while others can be resold, especially in the developing world where there's a growing market for used cell phones.

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