Fueling The Troops

Navy Seal Doug Moorehead saw the dangers of transporting fuel supplies to troops in remote areas firsthand, serving in both the Philippines and Iraq. He understands that a more efficient power supply leads to cleaner, quieter military bases and less chances for diesel deliveries to be targets for attack.

That’s why he created FlexGen, a battery system that stores the energy wasted by diesel generators for later use. It reduces the amount of fuel needed by up to 80 percent, and the repurposed energy waste can eventually power all operations on its own – all with less maintenance.

Fuel is key on the battlefield, but it comes at a hefty price: up to $400 a gallon during the Afghanistan War. The transportation of 50 million gallons of fuel to US forces each month during the war cost tens of millions of taxpayer dollars, and endangered the lives of military personnel. With the use of the FlexGen battery system, supply convoys could be reduced from 100 vehicles to 35 or 40. 

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