Cleaning Up The Carpet Business

Look down right now - in many homes and workplaces, there's a good chance you're looking at carpet. That soft flooring is made of all sorts of fibers, natural and artificial (sometimes even petroleum-based), and will eventually need replacing - but what happens to the old carpets? Such a complex mix of fibers isn't something you can put in your home recycling bin.

Enter Interface, an Atlanta company that has spent the last 20 years making new carpet tiles out of the old with the goal of reusing 100% of the old carpets, backing and all. They're not just recycling the carpet, though. Starting soon, they're going to be recycling nylon fishing nets as well, and will allow fishermen in the developing world to earn money by collecting the old nets.

It doesn't stop there - they're also recycling methane from local landfills to power the whole operation.

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