A Toilet for the Developing World

It's hard to make human waste sound pleasant or even useful, but this week's Bloomberg West segment shows you an innovative new idea for a toilet that could change the lives of millions living in the developing world.

Lots of people talk about HIV and cancer prevention, but many ignore the fact that there are 2.5 billion people in the world who get sick because of unsanitary water.

These researchers from Cal Tech have created a self-cleaning, self-powering toilet that costs users only five cents per day.  When human waste is sent down the toilet, is it broken down, creating water for the next flush and hydrogen that powers the system.

The system basically cleans up human waste without needing any outside treatment sources.  This reduces the amount of pollution in the water, making it safer for those who use it.

The researchers were awarded an $100,000 grant from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation for their work.

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