Students in Oxford, UK protesting against climate change injustice at as part of a nationwide youth climate strike (Evan Barnard/University of Georgia)

University of Georgia
While studying abroad at the University of Oxford in Oxford, England, I witnessed what can happen when young people get together for a public demonstration of environmental mentality.
Alwin Kopse, Swiss Federal Office for Agriculture

Alwin Kopse, of the Swiss Federal Office for Agriculture, speaks at the Committee on World Food Security 45 side event titled, "Agriculture is not cool? Think again. Closing the generation gap."

Planet Forward Senior Correspondent | University of Mississippi
In the final part of our four-part series, A Zero Hunger Future, University of Mississippi student Terrius Harris looks at the truth about youth involvement in agriculture — and how we might encourage more young people to join the industry.

The team traveling with Planet Forward: Edona Dervisholli, UN-FAO; Harleen Marwah, GW School of Medicine; Sierra Williamson, University of Minnesota; Terrius Harris, University of Mississippi; Arianna Dunham, George Washington University; and Dan Reed, Planet Forward Director. (Planet Forward)

Planet Forward
It may be a Herculean task, but global hunger is not an unsolvable problem. Hundreds of countries around the world are committing themselves to turning its tide by 2030.
YSI's third cohort

The third cohort of Young Sustainable Impact, an Oslo-based youth innovation program with a mission to empower the youth to solve the sustainability challenges by creating measurable impact. (Antonio Stark)

Maybe it’s not about saving the world, but building something new. Here’s what a handful of “20-year olds in Norway” can teach the world about creating entrepreneurs for the earth and disrupting innovation.
Stories from Next Gen Farmers
Planet Forward
The next generation of farmers share their efforts to engage their generation about sustainable farming, climate change and more.
Who Has The Power To Change The Food System?
Who Has The Power To Change The Food System?
The George Washington University
How do we make the food problems that we face in the next 50 years real to everyone, so we can pull together and create change? Hear from the experts.
Columbia University
We can start students on sustainability early by integrating it into our classrooms.
Decrease Influence, Increase Relevance
Decrease Influence, Increase Relevance
Featured Contributor
If you want to innovate, you've got to have the know-how first - Trent McKnight of Agricorps explains how he's reaching out to youth in the developing world and urbanites in the US to promote agricultural innovation from the ground up.
Tanzanian Youth Learn Farming Techniques
Tanzanian Youth Learn Farming Techniques
Director of Academic Adventures, Planet Forward
How 4H is helping these students use agricultural skills to purchase school supplies.
Envioenergy Consulting (An Accolade Fuels Pvt Ltd initiative)
We need to develop activities, awareness and interest across the societies to make them equipped to adopt changes and new things which are meant to provide healthier environment. This can be done by implementing compulsory activities in schools and... Read More