This week we take a look at an idea for solar panels that can spray right onto your existing windows - turning your whole building into a solar array.
Every year, I spend countless hours putting those plastic sheets over my windows for insulation. The bigger the window, the bigger the pane in the glass, the more time I spend and the more energy I lose to the winter. We often neglect insulation... Read More
Planet Forward
Kevin Surace, CEO of Serious Materials, led the effort to retrofit all 6,514 windows of the Empire State Building. Over the next year Kevin hopes to perfect a business model that will improve the return on investment for implementing green building... Read More
Planet Forward and PBS explore how the Empire State Building is greening its giant footprint.
Digital Media Producer, Planet Forward
The Empire State Building retrofitted all 6,514 windows completing the first phase of its sustainability initiative, which will reduce the buildings consumption of energy by 38%! Talk to Kevin Surace, CEO of Serious Materials, and find out how his... Read More
The iconic Empire State Building just took a gigantic green leap with building renovations that do more than scrape the surface of energy efficiency.