Verdant Power is turning Manhattan's East River into a testing ground for a hydro electricity project that could show the world that you don't need dams or raging rivers to create an urban source of hydro power. The company uses underwater turbines... Read More
Scientists find the effect of dust on mountain snowpack can be the dominant driver of snowmelt and water supplies downstream, an important discovery for water managers in the drying Southwest.
Industrial pollution and overfishing have devastated fish and lobster species in the Arabian Sea off the coast of Mumbai, an ecological disaster and economic catastrophe for traditional fishermen
A group of college students look at the water situation and dream up their own filtered water bottle. Planet Forward (RWU) 2.0 has this look.
Planet Forward
From the National Renewable Energy Lab
BRISTOL, RI __ Planet Forward looks at recycling habits. What do you do with your empty H2O bottle?