High-Grade metamorphic terrains, located in thousands of places around the world with many right here in the United States, shed or erode minerals of economic importance. We are working on a 40 square mile piece of New York State Owned Land (we own... Read More
Planet Forward
By Mike Sweigart (presenter), Kim Ouillette, David McCutcheon, Jennifer Clay, and Jonas Garcia. For a graduate level course on urban sustainability at The George Washington University, our group studied how cities in the southwest United States are... Read More
My “idea” is quite idealistic in its self. In order to solve the efficiency problems of our daily lives, multiple solutions must be addressed simultaneously. To do so, my idea provides a possible solution to filter sewage/waste water, while... Read More
Chad Pregracke is on a serious mission to get things out of the Mississippi River that don’t belong there. Since 1998 his non-profit Living Lands and Water has organized clubs, groups and ordinary citizens to haul trash and other debris off the... Read More
Experts speaking on Capitol Hill about nutrient conditions in the nation’s waters. More information is available at http://www.eesi.org/ 092410_water.
Most Americans think of water in terms of what they drink or use every day. They rarely consider the enormous amounts of water needed to produce energy that powers their lives. Energy and water are intrinsically connected: Without one, we cannot... Read More
Utilize the current of moving water to generate electricity. By placing water powered electric generators in the main currents of water ways electric generators can produce power to generate batteries for electric cars and other use. To make the... Read More
Verdant Power is turning Manhattan's East River into a testing ground for a hydro electricity project that could show the world that you don't need dams or raging rivers to create an urban source of hydro power. The company uses underwater turbines... Read More
Scientists find the effect of dust on mountain snowpack can be the dominant driver of snowmelt and water supplies downstream, an important discovery for water managers in the drying Southwest.
Industrial pollution and overfishing have devastated fish and lobster species in the Arabian Sea off the coast of Mumbai, an ecological disaster and economic catastrophe for traditional fishermen