water supply

Dr. Rhett Larson (right) is working to bring sustainable water solutions to the Middle East. (Ashley St. Thomas/ASU Walton Sustainability Solutions Initiatives)

Arizona State University
An ASU initiative is identifying communities that host large refugee populations and developing ways to make sure they have enough water capacity to assist with their swelling populations.
Video by Anna Sumi and Alyssa Bruns
Video by Anna Sumi and Alyssa Bruns
The George Washington University
Women face unique challenges when it comes to climate change, especially where water is concerned.
Graphic Designer, Planet Forward
Water, water everywhere - but if it's not properly cleaned, it can be deadly.
Video by Anna Sumi and Maggie Kierstead
Video by Anna Sumi and Maggie Kierstead
Digital Media Producer, Planet Forward
Backpacker, adventurer, researcher, Israeli, economist, irrigation expert; Professor Ram Fishman is more than meets the eye.
Explorer and friend of Planet Forward's, Robert Swan, travels to the mouth of the Ganges River to see--first hand--the state of the glacier that supplies water for 400 million people. How can we help solve this looming crisis? Watch