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Planet Forward Correspondent | George Washington University
The manatee population on Florida’s East coast has suffered from an “unusual mortality event” since December 2020. Wildlife officials and conservation groups have responded to the crisis with emergency policy innovations and lawsuits respectively.
Sciencecast: Climate Change Series
University of Wisconsin - Madison
In our second episode, we talk with Dr. Jim Hurley, director of the UW Aquatic Science Center and a UW-Madison professor, about the relationship between climate change and water quality in the Great Lakes.
Minnesota 2020
The 1972 Clean Water Act requires states to monitor river and lake health by measuring and reporting basic environmental data. That's quite a challenge in the land of 10,000 lakes, so every year the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency recruits... Read More
We address the innovative ideas for addressing limited water resources and sustainable water practices in Denver, CO and San Antonio, TX.
Minnesota 2020
Ecology tells us that the health and abundance of native plants and animals are important indicators of an ecosystem's water quality. This simple lesson is putting teenagers from North Minneapolis to work this summer gathering data, clearing... Read More
Minnesota 2020
Provisions in the United States' 2012 Farm Bill could sustain environmental stewardship going forward. Conservation practices like alternative tilling help farmers reduce topsoil erosion and improve area water quality. Farmers and advocates from the... Read More
Robotic Fish Search Water for Pollutants
Robotic Fish Search Water for Pollutants
Our latest on Bloomberg West focuses on innovations from Michigan State University to better monitor the world's waterways.
Unless we change our water consumption and systems of disposal and use, we are drinking from a 'sanitary sewer' which inevitably contributes to DNA changes and sicknesses in people, animals, plants . . . the entire environment. 'Upstream to... Read More
Environmental and Energy Study Institute
Experts speaking on Capitol Hill about nutrient conditions in the nation’s waters. More information is available at http://www.eesi.org/ 092410_water.