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Spanish conquistador Hernán Cortés had recently vanquished Mexico the last time California’s snowpack was as low as it is today. The Sierra Nevada mountains, which provides the parched state with up to a third of its water supply, is at its lowest... Read More
Video by Matt Seedorff and Leor Reef
Video by Matt Seedorff and Leor Reef
George Washington University
Do you think you shower long?  How many gallons of water do you waste while showering? 
Planet Forward
Wastewater from brewing beer can be used to power the whole process, creating a more sustainable drink for all.
Minnesota 2020
Leaky faucets and toilets in homes add up to escalating water bills and are a nuisance for water conservation. It's known that slight problems with basic plumbing can often go unfixed by the elderly, low-income folks, and people with disabilities.... Read More
We address the innovative ideas for addressing limited water resources and sustainable water practices in Denver, CO and San Antonio, TX.
The average person tends to know what plastic drip tape and soaker hoses are, but what is plastic mulch? In China alone, the equivalent area of South Carolina is covered with this fossil fuel based plastic sheet mulch every year and then the plastic... Read More