Washington DC

Here in D.C., we have a growing population of proud bicyclists. They've got a reason to feel good too-- the district has the highest percentage of commuters in any (non)state of the union. But when only 3.13 percent of daily commutes happen by bike... Read More
Vincent Gray, mayor of Washington, D.C., attended the GW Moving the Planet Forward Innovation Summit at The George Washington University on April 17, 2012. According to him, Washington, D.C. will be a "fossil-free" city by 2030.
Will you be seeing these bikes on your streets soon? DC's Bikeshare program has added 1100 bicycles to DC's streets. Learn how social media technology has made this program has been so successful.
Randy Hayes developed the Rainforest Action Committee and he is committed to protecting indigenous people and their rain forests. Hayes wants to see what he calls a "societal U-turn" or a major change in what society values in regards to climate... Read More
District Department of the Environment
Christophe Tulou caught up with Planet Forward at the Adaptation Salon to talk about what it means to create a Smart Community
In 2008, Clear Channel Outdoor and the District Department of Transportation launched SmartBike DC, the first self-service public bike rental program of its kind in the United States. The pilot project included 120 bikes at 10 stations around the... Read More
When can you find the meaning of life while conducting an energy audit? When you spend a day with Pascal Maslin of Washington, DC.
Find out what people know about recycling and energy
Planet Forward
How Ben's Chili Bowl, the famous Washington, DC Restaurant, switched to Wind Energy, and why every other business should follow their lead.
What role will green buildings and green jobs play in redefining the American Dream? Panelists at National Council on the Science and Environment's annual conference in Washington, DC discussed how a new American Dream will be shaped by our green... Read More