George Washington University
Shark populations are dwindling at a rapid rate, and it's our responsibility to help.
Loyola University of Chicago
A short documentary style film exploring the different sustainable compost actions on Loyola's campus.
Syracuse University
Can changing the way we think about our planet help us fight back against the erosion of our most treasured natural areas?
George Washington University
There are lessons to be learned from history about making our cities more sustainable.
George Washington University
The Compost Pedallers in Austin, Texas, started a creative initiative in 2012 that has helped increase awareness about composting, while lessening their city's carbon footprint and making it greener.
The George Washington University
Urban heat islands are a dangerous effect of global warming, and some cities are taking action to combat it.
Digital Media Producer, Planet Forward
America is trying to move away from fossil fuels, but does renewable energy always mean it's good for the environment? When you look at corn ethanol, that might not be the case.
The George Washington University
Urban farming provides Americans with a new, innovative method for decreasing food instability.
George Washington University
We could have 100% sustainable energy thanks to Elon Musk's Gigafactory plan.
George Washington
A look inside the work biologist Tara Scully and a group of GW students are doing to help restore biodiversity in the Chesapeake Bay.