urban living

The George Washington University
The growing population and the industrial development in Shanghai resulted in limited public culture space for people. Therefore, Shanghai government is building more culture space to improve the society, such as new museums and community elderly... Read More
The George Washington University
When researching urban sustainability, I came across Vauban, a neighborhood in the city of Freiburg, Germany, that's inhabitants have mutually decided to go as car-free as possible. Seventy percent of households don't have a car and many of the... Read More
The George Washington University
This infographic shows how growing urban environments such as Washington, DC are using green roofs to help create jobs, save the water systems and rivers, reduce energy use and educate younger generations.
University of Massachusetts Amherst
By asking the right questions, we can make sure small decisions, like our daily food choices, have a positive impact on the environment.
The FiveCities group from The George Washington University's Urban Sustainability class  found that American cities are implementing sustainable practices in a variety of ways...here are just a few.