urban farming

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American University School of Communication
Square Roots is bringing indoor farming to a city center near you. Learn how this project is bridging gaps in the food system and how you can join its team.
Join us for an inside look at The Fresh Food Factory.
Join us for an inside look at The Fresh Food Factory.
George Washington University
In this 360 video, you will learn how The Fresh Food Factory, an urban farm in Anacostia, is revolutionizing food access in DC food deserts.
Urban Farming: Where sidewalk meets soil
Urban Farming: Where sidewalk meets soil
Roger Williams University
BRISTOL, RI __ Over the duration of the spring 2015 semester, I set out to meet city dwellers committed to agriculture. My search brought me to a young urban farmer in Providence, RI. Laura Brown-Lavoie is a 27-year-old farmer who has dedicated her... Read More
Growing in the City
Graphic Designer, Planet Forward
As we pack more and more people into cities, we need to find local ways to feed them. Luckily, you can pack a surprising amount of food into an urban garden.
UC Berkeley Energy and Resources Group
Feeling hungry on your run? Stop and pick some oxalis, the pretty yellow flowers with green clover-shaped leaves, growing along the sidewalk for a quick energy boost.  Skipped breakfast before your first morning class? Pick some yew berries (but be... Read More
Explorers in America
In February, we took a stroll through Yonkers, N.Y., with Curt Collier. This man has seen the future, and has some cool things to report back.
Explorers in America
Tony Lee runs the Magellan Street Community Garden — a one-lot operation just across the river from New Orleans. He’s a big, gregarious guy whose mouth can hardly keep up with the nodes of thought firing in his head. We meet him on a grey Sunday... Read More
American University
Former professional basketball player Will Allen cultivates his passion for farming to bring good food to urban areas.
Urban farming used to be just a trend, but it's becoming a permanent fixture of American cities, including Washington DC.
The George Washington University
Cities aren't seen as breadbaskets, and GW students aren't often pegged for farmers, but GW student Jesse Schaffer and the Food Justice Alliance buck the trends.