Urban Development and Sustainability

Associate Director, Planet Forward
Rail travel has been a topic of debate in recent years, but in early September in 1883, rail lines were still being built and the mode of transportation was still building toward its peak.
George Washington University
FEATURED SELFIE: The DC Streetcar could revitalize the H Street district while making public transit more green.
George Washington University
GW is showing how a dense urban campus can go solar in a big way.
Planet Forward
How do you get solar in a city? You build in the country, in a move that could become a trend for urban campuses.
There’s nothing worse than being in a hurry and getting stuck in traffic! Enter Greenway: a navigation system that directs drivers away from traffic, making city streets less congested!
The George Washington University
This student team from last year’s Solar Decathlon contest are working to create a “penthouse with a purpose” in New York City. The solar pods are built on top of existing apartment buildings, which helps solve energy, infrastructure, and... Read More
National Science Foundation
Last night on Bloomberg West we showed you City Car, a car that’s in a league of its own! These shareable electric cars can stack together like shopping carts, so they take up less space and also make getting around cities easier and more... Read More
In Istanbul, Turkey, getting from one place to another used to be a huge hassle. To solve this problem, the city created the only inter-continental bus rapid-system in the world, making the city more navigable! Check it out!