urban agriculture

The George Washington University
Floating Farms is an innovative and sustainable idea from Forward Thinking Architecture in Barcelona that would bring food closer to the ever expanding urban populations while also creating more farming 'land' (a quickly dwindling resource) by... Read More
Video by Anahi Ruiz and Lauren Pollack
Video by Anahi Ruiz and Lauren Pollack
The George Washington Universtiy
A sustainable lifestyle can be found in unsuspecting spaces; one DC company is putting fresh food into tiny urban places.
Growing in the City
Graphic Designer, Planet Forward
As we pack more and more people into cities, we need to find local ways to feed them. Luckily, you can pack a surprising amount of food into an urban garden.
Explorers in America
In February, we took a stroll through Yonkers, N.Y., with Curt Collier. This man has seen the future, and has some cool things to report back.
Planet Forward, GWU School of Media and Public Affairs
A new innovation in grocery shopping lets customers pick their fish and produce straight from the source, from hydroponic and aquaculture setups inside the store.
A new site called Farmstacker may describe itself as an e-harmony for farmers, but the only relationships its founders want to help create are those between aspiring farmers and landowners.
Urban farming used to be just a trend, but it's becoming a permanent fixture of American cities, including Washington DC.
The Farmery is an urban market and farm designed to produce and sell locally made food. The Farmery combines a retail grocery and indoor agricultural systems that raise the value of food by offering the customer an educational and stimulating food... Read More
UNSW Australia
Much of the energy needed to provide people with food is spent during transportation. Research from the University of New South Wales in Australia demonstrates the positive impacts of local farming--it not only uses less energy because the food... Read More
Minnesota 2020
Across the country, community farms are becoming more and more popular, and for good reason! Check out this video to learn more about a neighborhood garden in Minnesota. Do you think any of their crops will be on their Thanksgiving tables this... Read More