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Urban Agriculture: New Partnerships, New Voices
Urban Agriculture: New Partnerships, New Voices
Planet Forward
Is urban agriculture the answer to feeding the world's growing cities? One panelists said we will need combination of food growing in urban and rural areas to meet food demands.
Planet Forward
Effective storytelling rests at the nexus of innovations seeking to address the urgent social and environmental sustainability challenges facing cities across the globe. This was the overarching theme of the 2016 Planet Forward Summit on Sustainable... Read More

Chicago O'Hare International Airport had a vertical garden on display, shown here in 2012. (Source: Creative Commons)

School Without Walls Senior High School
Much of the food that urbanites eat must be trucked in, frequently from great distances. Faced with this dilemma, some cities are turning to a unique solution: Vertical farming.
Senior Writer, Planet Forward
“How do we better communicate the innovations and new partnerships influencing and advancing the urban agriculture story?”
The George Washington University
This details the work of DC UrbanGreens and how its greenhouse farm aims to grow food to support the local community.      
The George Washington University
Floating Farms is an innovative and sustainable idea from Forward Thinking Architecture in Barcelona that would bring food closer to the ever expanding urban populations while also creating more farming 'land' (a quickly dwindling resource) by... Read More
Video by Anahi Ruiz and Lauren Pollack
Video by Anahi Ruiz and Lauren Pollack
The George Washington Universtiy
A sustainable lifestyle can be found in unsuspecting spaces; one DC company is putting fresh food into tiny urban places.
Growing in the City
Graphic Designer, Planet Forward
As we pack more and more people into cities, we need to find local ways to feed them. Luckily, you can pack a surprising amount of food into an urban garden.
Explorers in America
In February, we took a stroll through Yonkers, N.Y., with Curt Collier. This man has seen the future, and has some cool things to report back.
Planet Forward, GWU School of Media and Public Affairs
A new innovation in grocery shopping lets customers pick their fish and produce straight from the source, from hydroponic and aquaculture setups inside the store.