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American restaurants produce around 3 billion gallons of used vegetable oil annually, and that waste could be powering your vehicle. By treating the vegetable oil waste, drivers can use the oil as fuel for their diesel engines. Decreasing our use of... Read More
One of today's issues in our country is the prices of gasoline and the cleanliness of gasoline. Biofuels has been used, like ethanol, to help make gas more efficient and clean it up, making it better for the environment. Ethanol has, however,... Read More
Nearly 5 million barrels of oil were released due to the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill between April 2010 and July 2010, making it the largest marine oil spill in American history. Today, over a year later, the effects of the oil spill can still be... Read More
Dr. Waheed Uddin is a professor at the University of Mississippi and an expert in civil engineering. He, along with his son Usman Uddin and a team of graduate students, have come up with the idea of the Personal Rapid Transit system after comparing... Read More
George Washington University
We profile three schools that are working toward more sustainable college campuses. WATCH
Oxford, Mississippi has unaffordable housing. A solution to unaffordable housing is living in a cohousing community. The residents share facilities and utilities. It is often affordable and provides social and economic benefits.
University of Mississippi
Ole Miss, using SmartSynch technology, can monitor energy use by building and work towards a goal of 20% energy reduction in four years. SmartSynch, a technology company based out of Jackson, MS, has developed readers that can tell exactly how much... Read More
University of Mississippi
Oxford, Miss., paves the way for Bike Friendly Communities to enhance cycling as a mode of transportation.
Ole Miss
This is a short clip on passive solar design and what it consist of. It contains interviews with Brent Swain, a passive solar designer from Oxford, MS. And it contains information on how to build a home in a passive solar way.
Ole Miss
Rebel Pedals is a bicycle sharing program that promotes a clean and green campus at The University of Mississippi. Rebel Pedals is a wonderful aspect of the Ole Miss campus. We feel that other colleges could learn from our campus and hopefully join... Read More