Each basketball season, UConn's Office of Sustainability and UConn Athletics partner to host a Green Game Day at Gampel Pavilion to promote recycling and engage with the community. (Maggie Singman)

University of Connecticut
How the world of athletics can lead the charge in addressing climate change at the game day level and beyond.
University of Connecticut
Scientists express concerns that an often fatal disease infecting Connecticut's domestic rabbit population may spread to the species' wild counterparts and have disastrous consequences. 
Four people stand in front of blue walls with the UN Climate Change Conference 2021 logo.

From right to left: Moderator Shardul Tiwari and YEAH Fellows Alexis Pascaris, Jacob Genuise and Amanda Pastore. (Dr. Gillian Bowser/Colorado State University)

University of Connecticut
Despite the power of big oil money, corrupt politicians, and current climate trends, there is something that gives me a surge of optimism and energy: younger generations.
A selfie of a group of young people

University of Connecticut's COP26 cohort pauses for a photo on the streets of Glasgow. (Scott Wallace/University of Connecticut)

University of Connecticut
In November, I traveled to Glasgow, Scotland for COP26 with four professors and 15 University of Connecticut students, representing 13 different majors. The students shared why they attended the conference and what they learned there.