Landfills use a combination of machinery that sucks methane out of trash, transports it across the landfill through pipes and then converts it to useable clean energy.
Next time you throw food away, think twice. Globally, we waste a third of the food that is produced for human consumption.
The George Washington University
One man's trash is another man's clean source of electricity with trash to fuel technology.
Three ideas; 1. Right now, in my town (Homestead, Fla.) the trash and recycling bill is the same. The town provides us with recycling bins - yet few of my neighbors use them. If there could be a scale on the recycling pick-up trucks; a simple way to... Read More
Planet Forward
Linda-Rose Myers, president of Eco-Tech Fuels, aims to convert trash into high performance synthetic fuel. Not only does she propose to help clean up the environment, but her particular project hopes to bring an economic boost to a Native-American... Read More