The government should give grants to people that have their automobiles converted to LPG. It now costs about $1000 - 2000 to have a car converted. Most of this is profit for the service station doing the conversion. It only costs about $100 for... Read More
The bus system is making riding easier by installing solar powered GPS systems that inform riders of where their buses are at every moment.
Why is that, in politics, no-brainers are usually non-starters. (1) Lowering the interstate speed limit to 55 mph (and enforcing it) would save thousands of lives and I don't know how many billions of barrels of oil without sacrificing the... Read More
I found this federal bureaucracy on the web. Sent them my idea that could save the morale of our citizens and reduce so much unnecessary suffering when the price of [imported] oil shoots up. So far I have received no reply. Energy Workforce Study
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By Chip Hennessy (presenter),Charlie Brennan, Emma Folkman, and Ben Roos For a graduate level course on urban sustainability at The George Washington University, our group studied ways in which Cincinnati, Denver, Salt Lake City, and Minneapolis are... Read More
Former member of the Cleveland Electric Vehicle Association
Motor technology has been around for 100 plus years and seems to be frozen in time! So now is the time to bring about some new technologies. AC Motors use to be built utilizing copper bars and steel laminations in their rotors. This was very labor... Read More
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This week Planet Forward will air its first segment for Nightly Business Report on PBS.
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We've all reached that point when traditional commutes just won't do. For many Philadelphians, it was last year, when metro workers went on strike. So, they took to the streets—on bikes. As more people rode on the roads, they discovered it’s easier... Read More
Are you buying an electric vehicle because you think it’s after all not a gas-guzzling machine and it’s environment friendly? Wait a minute, if you think there are zero emissions from electric vehicles, you are sadly mistaken.
Recent changes in one of Oxford’s public transportation systems could help keep it running for years to come.