sustainable infrastructure

A man wearing a blue button-down shirt, with a white mask in his shirt pocket, tan pants, and a bright blue hardhat, stands in front of a large stack of primarily gray plastic bricks.

Nelson Boateng, founder and Chief Executive Officer of NelPlast Eco Ghana Limited, stands in front of some of his award-winning bricks made from recycled plastic. (Photo courtesy Nelson Boateng)

Mandela Washington Fellow
A former tech worker turned eco-entrepreneur in Ghana works to intercept plastics on the way to the landfill by repurposing the plastic into an award-winning building product.
H2Know App

H2Know is a smart water meter that connects to an app on your mobile device. (Photo courtesy of H2Know)

Planet Forward Correspondent | Georgetown University
H2know is a smart water meter that can help U.S. residents make small changes that have a huge impact.
Nikolay Shiklomanov On Climate Change
Nikolay Shiklomanov On Climate Change
Planet Forward, GWU School of Media and Public Affairs
With temperatures on the rise, we look to the experts to find out how climate change will impact the future of the Arctic. Their breaking the ice in this conversation with concerns about the Artic's infrastruction, changes in our ability to exploit... Read More