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More often than not, Historical Homes are not allowed to add any type of attachments tat alter their appearance. In Oxford, MS home owners of historical homes are allowed to add solar panels to their homes to make them more energy efficient. Our... Read More
The sustainable conference Oxford held discussed many ways to change the land use in our community. These ways will make Oxford less dependent on energy by implementing more bike routes, walkable routes and shorter distances from point A to point B... Read More
Is nuclear back? As billions are being invested in two new reactor projects, students at the University of North Carolina, as part of the Powering the Nation project, talked to residents of two towns about their hopes and concerns. In one town, the... Read More
Recent changes in one of Oxford’s public transportation systems could help keep it running for years to come.
An easy way for ole miss to go green!
A group of college students look at the water situation and dream up their own filtered water bottle. Planet Forward (RWU) 2.0 has this look.
From the University of Mississippi