University of Mississippi
A renewable energy grant will allow the Center for Manufacturing Excellence to feature 414 photovoltaic solar panels, making it the largest roof-mounted, solar power complex in Mississippi.
University of Mississippi
This video looks at the sustainability issues that the city of Oxford, Miss., Pathway's Commission are trying to correct before the vision 2020 project goes into effect. The video explains how the city of Oxford and the university are making... Read More
University of Mississippi
Even before this week's floods engineers in Mississippi have been working on projects that would alleviate flood damage. Ole Miss' Diana Wier explains and you might be surprised who's holding up the construction. See more flood coverage on our blog... Read More
University of Mississippi
In Oxford, Miss., architect Brent Swain is using passive solar techniques to build green homes. With his ideas, one home in the city has added 1,000 square feet of space but utility costs have decreased.
University of Mississippi
Another certification system is Green Globes. This system is less expensive, and instead of using certifications such as gold and silver, it gives a percentage as to how "green" the building is.
University of Mississippi
More recycling bins in the Grove - there is actually a major demand for recycling in the Grove. Director of Sustainability Jim Morrison reported that 350 tons of trash were produced during the 2010 Ole Miss Football Season, that means 60 tons of... Read More
Ole Miss
SmartSynch SmartMeters wireless monitor energy usage data, allowing Ole Miss to track its energy usage in real-time and form strategies to reduce consumption. ###
Planet Forward
For the EPA's P3 research design competition these students from the University of Tennessee worked on an electric vehicle project. Their electric vehicle can go 30 miles on a single charge for the cost of 25 cents.
The University of Texas at Austin has increased its total annual energy production efficiency by almost 30% over the last 13 years. 150 million in energy efficiency improvements were paid for by reduced fuel consumption. Juan Ontiveros, director of... Read More
Matthew O'Connor and Justin Eure reporting for Medill News Service, Northwestern University A new solar cell material could double the energy output of traditional solar photovoltaics, by reacting to nearly the entire light spectrum. Developers at... Read More