Nearly 5 million barrels of oil were released due to the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill between April 2010 and July 2010, making it the largest marine oil spill in American history. Today, over a year later, the effects of the oil spill can still be... Read More
Planet Forward
If cars are polluters, than car plants are even worse, right? But some car makers are going green. Planet Forward GW students Sara Snyder and Bridget Lynn got a close-up view of the new VW plant in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Watch Our Latest NBR
Here's an ode to get behind: "A hydrogen fuel cell is in the making. It breaks down water it turns it in the fuel emitting zero pollution which is real cool." Watch/Listen
The George Washington University
Natural weather disasters have already racked up $80 billion worth of destruction in 2011. Is this the new normal? This video from a pair GWU students in the ThinkFWD class will dazzle you.
Elon University
The unforgettable Sustainable Spencer highlights the innovative sustainable technologies that make Elon university this year's Greens Campus.
Planet Forward
Lean green design teams from around the world produced some winning ideas at this year's Solar Decathlon. Maryland won DOE's top prize, but we staged our own vote. From Vermont, Middlebury College got the nod. Watch
Elon University
I still have a lot of footage to look through from my trip to the Finca. I was a part of their volunteer program for three weeks, and there wasn't a meal that was not absolutely delicious. More Finca to come!
How can we make flame retardants--normally environmentally unfriendly substances--into sustainable products? Researchers from the University of Massachusetts-Lowell discuss their work for the U.S. Armed Forces.
Together I worked with another student, Jon Fenech, to cover the Empowerhouse team throughout the Solar Decathlon.  The team consisted of Parsons, Milano and Stevens Institute of Technology.
FIU's PerFORM[D]ance House combines the three ideas behind sustainability: economy, ecology and society. Relying on landscape elements, PerFORM[D]ance expands the built environment. The house reaches to the outside world, blending both efficiently... Read More