Planet Forward, George Washington University School of Media and Public Affairs
We all use water bottles, but if you're not filling up a reusable every time you're creating a lot of waste. Disposable bottles are convenient, and convenience determines what gets used - the folks at True2o think they might be able to bridge the... Read More
The George Washington University
What is more important to you: sustainable or cheap? We ask DC residents their opinions.
Going Green is Always Cool at School! It's that time of year again!  Summer is coming to a close and students across the country are returning to class.  This week we focus on schools whose students are working hard to decrease energy use and... Read More
Minnesota 2020
Ecology tells us that the health and abundance of native plants and animals are important indicators of an ecosystem's water quality. This simple lesson is putting teenagers from North Minneapolis to work this summer gathering data, clearing... Read More
My video is on how the heat island effect is present in both rural and urban areas, and actions that cities can take to create a more sustainable enviroment. It also describes how not using public transportation and driving cars pollutes our... Read More
American restaurants produce around 3 billion gallons of used vegetable oil annually, and that waste could be powering your vehicle. By treating the vegetable oil waste, drivers can use the oil as fuel for their diesel engines. Decreasing our use of... Read More
Planet Forward
Madagascar's forests are home to rare plant and animal speces found nowhere else in the world. But those forests are disappearing quickly... and National Geographic's Luke Dollar is working hard to save them.
Carleton has installed two wind turbines on campus and has launched a pilot program for the energy auditing of local residences that students can take part in.
Dude, the school wants more like buildings on campus like the one we built. In Iowa, students at Luther College are not only working together, but living together in order to make their campus more sustainable. Students created a solar-powered... Read More
Clarkson University
According to these students at Clarkson University in New York state, unless you are located on the coast of California, it is nearly impossible to grow food year-round. They say they’ve created a unique greenhouse system that allows for year-round... Read More