(Alexandrea Rager)

Colorado State University
A card system in which areas devoid of proper access to clean water are given a second chance and local people are provided more than just a job; there is a way to change the lives of children and families in poverty.

(Margaret Luzier / U.S. Army Corps of Engineers)

State University of New York College of Environmental Science and Forestry
This article presents the issue of high blood lead levels within an impoverished community and offers an innovative solution for cleaning the water.
Mobility for Sustainability
Mobility for Sustainability
A quick look at how using the metro can help people contribute to a more sustainable lifestyle. (All music in video from
University of Mississippi
We did a video on a market/cafe that only uses local and seasonal ingredients. It is located in Oxford MS.
Markthal Rotterdam
Northeastern University
I had the chance to dig deeper into my fascination with Dutch infrastructure when I met Martin Aarts, marathon runner and Senior Advisor for Urban Planning for the municipality of Rotterdam.
SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry
Biointensive farming is a strategy of cultivating crops that focuses on producing the most output with minimum input. The objective is to use less water, less energy, and less land, to produce large yields of crops.
The lights are just as important
The lights are just as important
The George Washington University
We all go about our normal days not worrying about the lights. Before our days end, we always double check our locks, stoves, sinks, etc., but sometimes, we leave the lights on. The lights are just as important. 
How to conserve water when living in a dorm room.
How to conserve water when living in a dorm room.
The George Washington University
A "how-to" on conserving water in a dorm.

(Chrispopovic/Creative Commons)

The best example of sustainability in action I know is the social network that is the bicycling community in my hometown of Pittsburgh.

View of the Cheonggyecheon's Riparian Area

University of Minnesota
The Cheonggyecheon stream project in Seoul, South Korea, provides an exciting glimpse into the possibilities of future urban design involving improved green space in cities.