Storyfest 2018

From left: Alex Rubenstein, Navya Pothamsetty, Shandra Furtado, Ashley Gallagher, Katherine Baker, Sven Lindblad, Frank Sesno, Vanessa Moss, Emily Arnold and Dr. Imani M. Cheers.

Planet Forward
Winners will travel to Alaska, courtesy of Alaska Airlines, to travel with Lindblad Expeditions aboard the National Geographic Sea Lion this June.
George Washington University
Researchers at UDC are implementing "urban food hubs" in food deserts in DC to teach people how to grow their own food.
Go Vegan!
Go Vegan!
University of Wisconsin - Madison
Veganism is a golden ticket towards a healthier environment, and Carlos is here to help out.
The George Washington University
Rising sea levels call for innovative ways to protect cities from extreme flooding.