stormwater management

Stormwater and sewage are often spilled into creeks after heavy rains.
SUNY Environmental Science and Forestry
Traditional stormwater management practices often lead to local pollution and can negatively impact nearby residents. A research team in Syracuse, NY, is studying how rain gardens may help manage stormwater through green infrastructure.
By combining green solutions and community engagement with traditional water treatment methods, Save the Rain has put Syracuse on the cutting edge of a growing movement of environmentally conscious water management across the nation.
The George Washington University
The George Washington University has begun adding green roofs to it's existing buildings and incorporating them into new building designs to help keep storm water on site.

(Proposed streetscape improvements from the Van Ness plan.)

American University
If recommendations from a new action plan come to fruition, Van Ness would swap its extra wide sidewalk space for greenery, a stormwater management system, local artwork and more retail and dining options.
SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry
Landscape Laboratory is a proposed design for Chain Works District, a 95 acre post-industrial redevelopment project in Ithaca, New York.
Philadelphia, St. Louis, and Miami Beach are very different, but all face challenges due to stormwater. They have various valuable approaches.
George Washington University
Students explore small-scale residential green infrastructure in Washington, DC; Burlington, VT; and Shoreline, WA.