SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry
Landscape Laboratory is a proposed design for Chain Works District, a 95 acre post-industrial redevelopment project in Ithaca, New York.
Philadelphia, St. Louis, and Miami Beach are very different, but all face challenges due to stormwater. They have various valuable approaches.
George Washington University
Students explore small-scale residential green infrastructure in Washington, DC; Burlington, VT; and Shoreline, WA. 
Pervious Surfaces
Pervious Surfaces
University of Mississippi
This is an informational video on the benefits of pervious surfaces for our enviornment vs. impervious surfaces.
An overview of Philadelphia and D.C.'s stormwater management plan. 
Once known for having one of the most polluted lakes in the U.S., Syracuse New York is trying to right a wrong and make their waterways clean enough for swimming and fishing. They were one of the first communities to adopt clean water laws and have... Read More
Green Treks
The Waterview Recreation Center in Philadelphia isn't just a place for neighborhood kids to play and exercise. Thanks to green infrastructure initiatives, the center helps protect local streams and rivers by managing stormwater.