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Planet Forward Correspondent | Georgetown University
Ted Roosevelt IV, Susan Eisenhower, Nick Akins, and Denise Fairchild discussed the politics of climate change and asked: Where does the responsibility lie?
Video by Tim Palmieri and Megan Varner
Video by Tim Palmieri and Megan Varner
George Washington University
Renewables could be huge - but they have to be cost effective first. Could solar save you money?
Planet Forward
One low-income community in DC is bringing the light of the sun in to help pay their utility bills.
The George Washington University
Kathleen Merrigan explains how using solar in the city is helping open up new opportunities out on the farm.
Going Solar in DC
Planet Forward, GWU School of Media and Public Affairs
How easy is it to go solar in the nation's capitol?
A heliostat is a special mirror with a guidance device that can keep sunlight reflected toward the same target all day without straying off-target. It is just a mirror but you need to keep it trained on the same spot for it to work. It is a bit like... Read More