Solar Panels

George Washington University
The Jinan Solar Expressway uses solar panels to convert energy from cars into power for the town surrounding the road.

(Photograph courtesy Housing Sewanee.)

Sewanee: University of the South
I created a storymap on ArcGIS online to describe Housing Sewanee's new project, which will consist of seven nearly self-sustaining homes. The project's story and impact, however, extends far beyond the homes themselves.
Video by Tim Palmieri and Megan Varner
Video by Tim Palmieri and Megan Varner
George Washington University
Renewables could be huge - but they have to be cost effective first. Could solar save you money?
Planet Forward, George Washington University School of Media and Public Affairs
Furman University has embraced the selfie, and students have found sustainable innovations throughout their campus. From an innovative campus farm to gym equipment that heats the pool, take a look at how Furman is staying green.
AVD Fellow - David E. Shi Center
From the sun to people exercising in the gym, Furman is capturing energy from any source they can.
Video by Joey Rabinowitz
Video by Joey Rabinowitz
George Washington University
Amit Ronen of the GW Solar Institute talks about what it will take to make solar a viable option at scale, technologically and economically. 
At the University of Mississippi, solar panels are generating energy on the roof of the Center for Manufacturing Excellence.
I notice that leafy produce requires ponderous amounts of water to grow. I wonder, is there any way to reduce this high water usage? Perhaps if we install solar panels over the growing patches of leafy greens as a shade to reduce water evaporation,... Read More
Contrary to some of the media circus’ coverage, solar is doing great. Sungevity's Danny Kennedy tells us why in this innovator update.Read
National Science Foundation
Studies done by Mark Lusk and colleagues at the Colorado School of Mines could significantly improve the efficiency of solar cells. Their latest work describes how the size of light-absorbing particles--quantum dots--affects the particles' ability... Read More