Solar Decathlon

Imagine a house where everything could be controlled by the touch of a button. Team New Jersey goes behind the scenes of the Generation House's smart home features to explain just how simple solar living can be and the engineering mechanics behind... Read More
SCIArc & Caltech
All mechanical systems in our house design have been selected to optimize the tradeoff between energy savings and cost of added photovoltaic (PV) energy generation. The HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) and DHW (domestic hot water)... Read More
University of Calgary
Do you think this TRTL is tough enough to withstand the demands of our energy future? Informed by the past, looking to the future, TRTL's making its way to say the least.
George Washington University
THIS WEEK: In this week's webisode check out the New Zealand team's neat innovations like the hydronic drying cupboard that can dry 6 bath towels in an hour and a half using...water? WATCH!
University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Living Light's solar house balances technology and modern design features with regional history and landscape to be of value to eco-conscious residents. The house caters to the needs of the planet and a growing population, using the sun's energy to... Read More
Planet Forward
Viewers voted and TENNESSEE is on top in the race for the Solar Decathlon! Check out the Tennessee team's use of solar energy, insulated windows and a remote control iPad. Ask expert Bill Worthen what HIS thoughts are on the Tennessee team's Living... Read More
University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Take a tour of the Living Light house, the University of Tennessee's submission for the Solar Decathlon 2011. The home, inspired by a long history of efficient design strategies in our area, combines performance and aesthetics to create a livable,... Read More
Ohio State University’s enCORE strives for spatial efficiency in a 970 square foot, 3-person family home that features 2 bedrooms and an office. This video introduces the systems and strategies that run this prototype for the new sustainable and... Read More
Planet Forward
This week, we begin Planet Forward's coverage of the Solar Decathlon! 20 collegiate teams from around the world are designing and building sustainable solar homes. In this week's WEBISODE, we take a look at the unique use of water in The University... Read More
We need to rethink the way that people live, redesigning the traditional family home to be much more sustainable in all aspects. Ohio State's enCORE is the university's second entry into the US Department of Energy Solar Decathlon. The team is... Read More